How to Identify Your Values
How to Identify Your Values
August 27, 2018
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Start Learning from your Experiences
November 13, 2018

Action Verbs and Heading Titles PDF

Action Verbs and Heading Titles

I am slowly populating the library of Useful Career Giveaways I offer to all of my subscribers for free.

This time it is not the whole Ebook and yet very helpful tool in your job hunting arsenal, Action Verbs cheat sheet. It will come handy every time you’ll need to update your Resume with a new achievement or responsibility you have taken at your last workplace.

Remember these things when updating your Resume:

  • Use verbs to describe your accomplishments relevant to your job goal
  • Leave out the word “I” and avoid using “Responsible for…” or “Duties included…” and describe the skills you used for the job instead
  • Present specific achievements such as how much money you saved the company or how many parts you completed per day
  • Variate heading titles of your Resume ( I have included numerous examples that can be used in the *.PDF)

No matter what step you’re at, you will find this useful.

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