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August 1, 2019
Interviewing Basics in 2020
Interviewing Basics in 2020
January 20, 2020

Career Exploration Steps for Students

Career Exploration Steps for Students

Today I am going to cover a very important topic for you if you’re an undergraduate or a Graduate Student, I am going to talk about  5 essential steps you need to take to excel in your career. I have been talking before about experienced professionals, and obviously there are career exploration steps for students too. So, if you wonder what is it that you will do for the next decade (at least), or you feel stuck deciding between several options, or if you don’t have a clue, this article is for you.

Develop Your Professional Self

This moment in time is perfect for you to discover what kind of professional you would like to become. It is quite easy to do, following these simple steps:

 1. Understand your Core Values

Core Values are the ones that navigate you when you’re lost. They help you define what to do next. Your values affect every aspect of your life, point straight. But when asked directly and in the face, people go blank when asked about their values. So, how can you Identify values? I have just the tool for that here.

You will find a self-assessing *.pdf and an interactive test to check your core values.

 2. Understand your Key Skills

Maybe you dream of working for a certain organisation, but what skills can you contribute for them to select you among thousands of people? What do you bring to the table? This question is important to answer because this is something you will use for your Resume, for your Cover Letters and your Interviews. But don’t worry in case you have difficulties identifying your key skills. Check out this list to find out what skills there are and pick the once that resonate with you most.

 3. What motivates you to be at your absolute best?

You should know this one. From the bottom of your heart, there’s something that drives you, something that always gives you an endless source of energy. Make sure you write it down!

 4. Understand Careers Available for you

If you skipped a couple of previous steps, it’s fine. But you can’t skip this one! Understanding the scope of available for you careers is the top thing you can do for yourself. And you in 10 years will thank you for it. When I was 10, I thought there’s one type of IT Career – a Developer. When I was studying Computer Science in my first 2-3 years, I realised there were a few specialisations. Oh, got, how vast this field was indeed, I worked as IT Support Specialist, as IT Business Processes Analyst, as IT Solution Architect, IT Consultant, and a Project Manager. And it’s just me, imagine? What I am trying to say is that you’ve selected your field when you went to uni, and now it is time to narrow it down. These are the questions you need to answer in order to do that:

  1.  What work environments do you like? What would you like to do daily, what responsibility would you like to have?
  2. What are examples of careers in my major or field of interest?
  3. What do I know about the reality of the job market?
  4. What job titles interest me?
  5. How can I find an internship, externship or work experience?

You can do a wide range of things with any degree! Check out this article to find out more.

 5. Tailor your first Resume to fit the titles you’ve selected

Do not think one Resume + The same cover letter will work for every company and any position. Variate. Be honest but smart! Check this page to find out more about writing your first Resume. Career exploration steps for students are important but so is your Resume.


It is very important to make this right and put effort into this right now. Because others do, and workforce becomes more and more competitive. I have 14-15 year olds texting me and asking for help. I wouldn’t want to be in the career pool with them unprepared. Information is your best power source, so ask yourself these questions and, of course, do not hesitate to speak with your career office at uni or a career consultant to kick start your career today!

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