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May 9, 2017
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June 6, 2017

How to Dynamically Manage Your Career

Manage your Career

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You are in charge of your own success. And it is up to you to understand and develop your special talents. It is always up to you to stand up and to ask for another assignment that will enable you to have new experiences on the way to your goals. You are the best and only advocate for your own interests and that is why you have to dynamically manage your career.

“If it is to be, it is up to me.” – William H. Johnsen

Career management is an ongoing process.

It is completely different from a job search. As you manage your career, you:

  • Discover your interests and core values
  • Develop new skills and a “personal brand”
  • Set goals and keep track of your accomplishments
  • Build network within your company and industry

lattice and ladder

These days many people are convinced the only way to progress in a career is to advance in career moving up meanwhile the reality shows that the Career Ladder doesn’t work that well anymore. Advancement can mean taking on a variety of challenging roles over time.

A lattice, because it is wide and accessible at many angles, it reflects today’s reality. The lattice helps diversify your skills, for example when you consider multiple career paths and prepare accordingly, you cultivate a broader variety of skills. This makes you more valuable both to your current employer and to the market as a whole. It helps to Improve life fit. On a ladder, you move up only when the position above you is free. In contrast, a lattice has flexibility. You can determine how fast you move and to which direction, as well as when to move. With a lattice rather than measuring yourself by your title or your salary, you define meaningful, satisfying work.

As you manage your career, keep these questions in mind:

  • Does this career goal allow me to develop the skills that are interesting and important to me the most?
  • What career goals would be the most costly—in personal regrets and missed opportunities— if I didn’t pursue them?
  • Have I chosen career goals that would be viewed positively by the people who matter most to me?
  • How am I feeling in each domain of my life: work, home, community, and self? Are there discrepancies between what is important to me, and how I’m spending my time and energy?
  • What, if any, fears hold me back—such as the fear of failing, losing the comforts of my current role, or seeming too aggressive or ambitious? How can I address these?

How do you recognize when it’s time to redefine your job or explore new work opportunities?

Watch for these signs that you’ve outgrown your current role and are ready for a change:

  1. Restlessness or boredom
  2. A need for more intellectual challenge, financial compensation, flexibility, or autonomy
  3. Envy of what others do for work
  4. Inability to imagine a future you want to move toward
  5. A tendency to overreact to small problems

If you noticed two or more of these signs I have something to tell you. It is time to take your career in your hands and move towards your goal fearlessly.


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