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July 9, 2018
Action Verbs and Heading Titles
Action Verbs and Heading Titles PDF
October 15, 2018

How to Identify Your Values

How to Identify Your Values

What are the Values?

Core Values are the ones that navigate you when you’re lost. They help you define what to do next. Your values affect every aspect of your life, point straight. But when asked directly and in the face, people go blank when asked about their values. So, how can you Identify values?

This may be the most valuable if you haven’t got a working experience yet and you struggle deciding what will work best for you. By identifying your values, you define structured reasons as a base for your future career. 

But you will find it useful also if you’re an experienced professional with quite a few years of work behind your back because this identification will help you to set your priorities straight. What seems to be an exact vector now, maybe deviating just 1% at the moment but without correction it will get you miles away within 10 years.

What I want you to do now is the following little exercise I have prepared for you:

  1. I want you to try and to work around your values using this file.
  2. After filling in the file, take the Values in Action (VIA) Survey to see if you know yourself well.

Everything of the above will take you ±20 minutes.

Let me know what your core value is here in the comments!

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