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Social Media Intern Position is opened
December 6, 2018
What Can I Do with My Degree?
What Can I Do with My Degree?
January 14, 2019

Job Hunters’ Manual

Freebies from NJ Bobro

You know that I support freedom of the Internet. I maintain balance between black and white when it comes to Internet rules. The information you come across browsing things is priceless. But at times poorly organised or wrongly presented. So, what I want to do here is to help you structure your way around career management materials.

I will start by giving you the first freebie I have created a year ago and that is called the Job Hunters’ Manual. This manual is essentially a list of guidelines that has been designed for those who’s looking for work in the digital age – featuring pre-interview, prep and post- interview advices, ideas for looking for work and suggestions for what to do when you get offered that job.

No matter what stage of the job search you’re at, please do check it out.

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