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March 13, 2019
Annual Career Checkup
Annual Career CheckUp
April 1, 2019

Transferable Skills

Transferable Skills

You have to to a great deal of a research when writing your Resume. One of the important sections you should include is your Skills. Well, I have talked about different types of skills in this article but haven’t gone into details then. Let me open the veil before the Transferable Skills today.

What are Transferable skills?

Well, let me give you an example of what it is: Imagine, you have a great deal of experience on writing general-purpose Python codes. Those programming skills are valuable, but now you are going to have to learn to apply them to code new types of applications like GUI, Server-side scripts, Big data analytics, and many more. You are also going to have to learn some new skills, like how to use the new Python library in your project or how to use new analytics tools for reinforced machine learning or Big data analytics. Your ability to do that is your Transferable skill.

So, the skills you have acquired from your experience or study and you are going to use in your new job are the transferable skills. Transferable Skills may vary.

Below is a list of Transferable skills in different areas:


  • Speaking effectively
  • Writing concisely
  • Listening attentively
  • Expressing ideas
  • Facilitating group discussion
  • Providing appropriate feedback
  • Negotiating
  • Perceiving nonverbal messages
  • Persuading
  • Reporting information
  • Describing feelings
  • Interviewing
  • Editing

Research and Planning

  • Forecasting, predicting
  • Identifying problems
  • Imagining alternatives
  • Identifying resources
  • Gathering information
  • Solving problems
  • Setting goals
  • Extracting important information
  • Defining needs
  • Analyzing / Developing evaluation strategies

Human Relations

  • Developing rapport
  • Being Sensitive
  • Listening
  • Conveying feelings
  • Providing support for others
  • Motivating
  • Sharing credit
  • Counseling
  • Cooperating
  • Delegating with respect
  • Representing others
  • Perceiving feelings, situations
  • Asserting

Organisation, Management and Leadership

  • Initiating new ideas
  • Handling details
  • Coordinating tasks
  • Managing groups
  • Delegating responsibility
  • Teaching
  • Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Promoting change
  • Selling ideas or products
  • Decision making with others
  • Managing conflict

Work Management

  • Implementing decisions
  • Cooperating
  • Enforcing policies
  • Being punctual
  • Managing time
  • Attending to detail
  • Meeting goals
  • Enlisting help
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Setting and meeting deadlines
  • Organizing
  • Making decisions

Every skill mentioned above is important in your professional life and need to be mastered for you to do a better job. Keep your mind opened and learn things not strictly related to your field but also from adjacent fields of work. Be flexible and open and you will see miracles happening.

Stay tuned for more articles and contact me if you have any questions!



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